For about the last week I’ve been spending a little time each night working on building a couple workbenches.  The plans I used were created almost 15 years ago by some people in EAA chapter 1000 and can be found here: EAA Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Tables. A lot of online build logs I’ve looked at show these tables as being the first project other builders have done too. This was my first time doing anything like this so I learned a lot in the process. It definitely reinforced the idea that even though a particular tool can get the job done, a different tool may be able to get the job done better, easier, and faster. Here is how my benches turned out:


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Ordered the Empennage!

I made the decision several weeks ago that I was going to order the empennage kit on October 20th. I almost didn’t go through with it today because I still have so many things that I need/want to do before I am ready to start building. That’s the same position I’ve been in for several months now though so I decided that I didn’t want to put it off any longer otherwise another year may pass before I decide I’m actually ready.

So as of today, I have an empennage kit for a Van’s RV-10 on it’s way!