It has begun!

After nearly a year and a half of research, planning, preparing, and dreaming, I can finally say that I have started to build our RV-10. The first step was to cut a couple pieces of aluminum angle and then debur them to make the rear spar caps for the vertical stabilizer. I made the measurements, checked them 3 or 4 times and took them to the band saw where I proceeded to make cuts that no one would ever believe were supposed to be straight lines. I’m not sure if it was 100% user error or if I need to replace the blade on the band saw. In a desperate attempt to save the pieces I got a file out and a hand held pneumatic grinder and did my best to clean up the cuts. I was able to make them look a little better but in some places I cut off a little too much material. I’m sure these pieces are completely safe to use and I should just move on to the next step in the plans but I hate the idea of having parts in the plane that I am unsure about from day 1 of the build.

It will take several days for the parts to arrive so the only other thing I could do today was debur the rest of the parts that are used in step 6-1 of the plans. While I’m waiting for the replacement parts to arrive I may move on to building the rudder. Unfortunately, step one of the rudder will also require the band saw…



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