Rudder clecoed together

Today my wife and I got the rudder fully clecoed together for the first time. We had some concern while we were putting the second skin on and the skin was kind of bulging away from the skeleton.


I sent a text message to a fellow builder, Justin, who already has his RV-10 flying. He offered a suggestion on a different order of putting the clecos in so we tried that but it didn’t appear to be much better. We decided to just keep going and see how it turned out with all of the holes clecoed and it actually seems to have worked itself out. The next thing we have to do is to final drill all of the holes in the skin and then take everything apart and debur all of the holes that we’ve drilled.

I also intend to prime everything inside the airplane.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a good job spraying the primer that I’m going to use for a week or two now and I’m still not satisfied so I think I’ll spend the next couple days getting it figured out.  I also need to build the table for my DRDT-2 since I’m going going to need to dimple the rudder skins soon and I don’t want to do it without the table so that the skins will lay flat while I am dimpling it. So basically with all of these things to do it may be a week or more before I actually get back to working on the rudder.


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