Started vertical stabilizer, again

Now that I’m waiting for the rudder parts to finish curing I had some time to start the vertical stabilizer for the second time.  I went much more slowly while I was cutting the spar caps with the band saw this time, and when the blade started to wander away from where I wanted it to, I shut it down and cut off the excess metal and started the cut over from that point. I think I ended up stopping and starting the cut about five times on each spar cap. Then I used the scotchbrite wheel to clean up the edges. It’s still not perfect but much better than my first attempt and good enough for me. In the pictures below, the closer spar cap is my first attempt and the farther is my recent attempt. If you look closely you can see how much straighter the cut on the part in the back is.


I then finished up the night by clamping the spar caps to the spar and match drilling the VS spar holes into one of the spar caps.

Oh I also got my first build injury tonight. While I was deburring one of the spar caps it slipped off the scotchbrite wheel and my finger when right into it. It took off a pretty thick layer of skin right on my knuckle but surprisingly there was no bleeding. This was a good lesson though and I’ll be much aware of where my hands will end up a part slips in the future.


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