Deburring and our very first rivets!

I’ve spent several hours over the last few days making sure all of the edges of the VS parts and the holes are deburred. I’ve been using sandpaper to smooth out the edges between the flanges on the various ribs and the edges of the lightening holes. It seems to work pretty well but is also pretty time consuming. For the holes, I’ve been doing one or two twists with light pressure using the hole duburring tool, and if I can feel any bur left around the hole I’ll go over it with a scotchbrite pad or the 400 grit sandpaper. Again, this takes a lot of time but it leaves the holes perfectly smooth.

On a more interested note, my wife and I did our very first rivets tonight. It was only 7 rivets but it was very exciting! We used the pneumatic squeezer to do them so it was pretty easy. The hardest part was getting the squeezer set to the right depth. The squeezer piston needs to be able to extend a certain distance before it is able to generate the power squeeze the rivets and it took me a few tries to get it right. I had to use a thinner squeezer set than I initially started with so that the piston was able to travel farther before it contacted the rivet.

In the end we ended up have to squeeze each rivet at least twice to get it set. The first one got the rivet started, then I would adjust the squeezer and squeeze the rivet again to finish it. Maybe with more experience I’ll get it figured out so that I only have to squeeze them once but this technique got the job done tonight.




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