Vertical stabilizer priming and some dents

My friend Adam came over today to help out with some priming. It took us just over 3 hours but we got all of the parts for the VS cleaned, etched, and primed. I apparently have a habit of not making enough primer to finish the job. In fact, both of the last 2 priming sessions I’ve done I’ve had to make more primer twice! I’m going to work on that because it’s really frustrating to have to stop and mix more primer, but it’s just so expensive that I would hate to mix way too much and waste a bunch. I think there’s a couple spots that we didn’t get enough primer on, and there’s a couple spots that we really smudged the primer on so I think I’ll have to spray some of these parts just a little bit more before I rivet them.

Here’s Adam and all of the parts while they are drying.


After I finished priming the VS skin I noticed that there was some distortion in the metal around the holes closest to the leading edge. I believe they happened when I was dimpling them because the way the skin folds over from the leading edge it made it a really tight fit with the DRDT-2. My best guess is that the skin wasn’t able to sit flat enough on the dimple dies so that when the dimple was formed the rest of the skin around the die was forced to bend a little. It kind of felt like the sky was falling when I first noticed these dents because in my mind the only thing people will see when they look at the finished plane is the dents. If I’m being honest with myself though, they really aren’t that bad. I’ve already asked around about them and most people think they are only a cosmetic issue so I don’t need to worry about replacing the skin. They also gave me some tips on what I could do to try to repair the skin a little but I’m not sure yet if I’ll try though because I don’t really want to risk making it worse. Everyone agrees though that this is something that can easily be covered up in the painting stage so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it won’t be noticeable when the plane is finished.



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