More rudder riveting

I had a lot of fun doing a little more riveting tonight. I riveted a nut plate to the rivet horn and then riveted the rudder horn to the rib that Meggin and I riveted together a couple nights ago. I used the squeezer for all of the riveting I did tonight and I still had to adjust it multiple times to get the rivets just right.

After the rudder horn I started riveting a reinforcement plate and a nut plate to the rudder spar. Most of the rivets turned out pretty good, some are a little slanted but still ok I think, but one turned out really bad. I guess I didn’t have the squeezer sitting well on the manufactured head of the rivet or didn’t hold it steady when I squeezed the rivet but it turned out bad enough that I drilled it out. This was scary because I really didn’t want to turn the hole into an oval or damage the nut plate since it was already riveted on the other side. Somehow I think I managed to do a pretty good job. Here is a picture of the bad rivet and then pictures after I drilled it out.


And here are some other pictures of the rest of the riveting that I did tonight.



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