Finished Rudder!

I’m actually writing this about two weeks after we finished the rudder but I set the date of the post to match when we finished the rudder.

Meggin and I spent 1.4 hours re-rolling 2 of the 3 sections of the leading edge of the rudder. I believe it was a 3/4 inch PVC pipe that worked the best for us on the smallest section of the leading edge. On the middle section we used a 1 inch pipe and then tried switching to the 3/4 inch pipe, but that ended up rolling the skin too much so after trying one side we decided to call it good where it was. We then clecoed the leading edges together, final drilled the holes (including adding two new holes on both sides of the hole I mangled with the cleco), deburred as best we could and riveted the leading edge!

The plans also say that if the skin pillows out where they were folded over the counter balance weight then you can add an additional rivet in between the screws on that section. I decided to do this because I apparently didn’t fold the skins perfectly, so it bulged more that I liked.

These two pictures were from work I did on a different day but they show some of the work I did to bend the skins over the counter weight.

The rudder isn’t perfect but now that it’s finished I’m actually pretty happy with it. It’s taken longer than it should have since I replaced so many parts but finally having a part of the plane finished is an AMAZING feeling!



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