Getting behind on the blog

It turns out that updating this blog every time I do some work just isn’t feasible for me. I’m honestly not surprised about this because I’ve never been a big fan of writing. Most of the entries written so far have been written several days later but I change the publish date to make it look like I wrote it on the day I did the work. Plus, not every building session is actually worth writing about. Since my last entry (which was about 2 weeks ago) I’ve had a couple days where I spent hours doing nothing but deburring parts and unless I come up with some magical new technique for deburring I don’t think anyone will really want to read about that. So from now on I plan to update the blog when I feel like it makes sense. Maybe I’ve had a really productive day building, or maybe I’ve completed a part, or maybe I’ve run into a problem and want to help others avoid it in the future.  I’ll do my best to not let this blog get so out of date that I can’t bring myself to get it caught up to where I’m at. You may have noticed a link at the top of the blog for my Time Log. If you really want to know how much time I spent each day, what part I worked on, and a short description of what I did, then that is the place to look. I update that every time I build so it will always be up-to-date.


We have an N-Number!

A couple weeks ago I filled out an online request on the FAA’s website to reserve an N-Number. It took several tries to find a combination of letters and numbers that meant something to both my wife and I, and was also available. All of the combinations I was coming up with of our wedding anniversary and initials were already taken until I decided to use the initial ‘N’ to take the part of our wedding month. I paid the $10 reservation fee and a couple weeks later we got the confirmation letter in the mail.

It’s really cool to think that the plane out in the workshop isn’t just another RV-10 anymore, now it will be N715TM!